Michael Kimmelman has been practicing law since 1983, when he joined his father in the practice. The practice actually began in 1954 when Norman Kimmelman started to develop a solo practice dedicated to helping people who had been injured in all types of accidents. These included motor vehicle accidents, slip/trip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, dog bites, and construction accidents. The firm has always specialized in helping people who have been hurt and obtaining compensation for their injuries. Michael worked with his father for seven years at which time Norman retired, and Michael was practicing on his own until his son Jake joined him in the practice in 2011.

The firm has always prided itself on the close relationship it has with its clients. Every client who calls the office to discuss their case speaks either to Michael or Jake. If both attorneys are in court, a return call is almost always made that day, even if it is after business hours. The vast majority of individuals retaining the firm are referrals from prior clients are pleased with the way their own case was handled, and go out of their way to refer a new matter to the firm. There is never a charge for a consultation, and the fee is only charged if we are successful in obtaining a recovery for our client.

While the majority of our business is from the New York City area, we take cases from Nassau and Suffolk Counties as well as in the upstate areas of Rockland, Westchester, and points north. For clients who are unable to come to our office, we travel to their homes or, if necessary, to hospitals.

One of the ways we give back to our clients for referring cases to the firm is to help them at no charge for things like reviewing a business contract, getting involved in a landlord-tenant dispute, or other legal matters where we can be of assistance. If the matter becomes more involved or is not in our area of expertise, we will help the client find an attorney who will be able to help them in their endeavor. When processing and automobile accident case we will process the no-fault bills at no charge to the client where most other firms charge a fee separate and apart from their usual one-third contingency fee. It is at times like this when someone is hurt that they need a guiding hand to help them navigate the murky waters of dealing with insurance companies, medical offices, and bills which start to pour in. We are there for all of these purposes.

We are extremely strong advocates for our clients and have obtained several million-dollar recoveries on their behalves. However, we work just as hard on all cases, regardless of the value of the claim. We are also upfront with our clients in that if we do not feel they have a meritorious or valid claim, we tell them at the consultation so as not to give them false hope. We are constantly fighting the insurance companies and their attorneys whose job it is to minimize what they have to pay injured victims of accidents. While most cases are settled before trial, many of our cases proceed to trial in our client has his or her day in court.


Here are a few important facts about our firm which separate us from our competition:

We are available to our clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week

We offer free initial consultations scheduled at your convenience

You do not pay us anything, unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you

If you are unable to come to our office, we will come to your home or hospital

We have handled thousands of cases

Over 98% of our cases come from strong referrals of previous clients who were satisfied with the work and results provided to them